Garage Heaters

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No more waiting for nice days. With a garage heater in Thedford, Ontario, from Taylor's Heating & Air Conditioning, you can work on things whenever you want, whatever the season.

These solid heating units offer more perks than just increasing area for your projects.

They can help stop cold start-ups keeping your car in good condition regardless of the weather. And allow for a more enjoyable change from your home to your vehicle, as well as a sheltered area for outdoor pets during very cold weather.

Concerned about room? The heaters we offer have a low-profile container, so you’ll have more capability and raised storage space. Heat a concern? Ask us about putting in a separate combustion heater.

With various different sizes and capacities to choose from, you’re positive to find the garage heater that meets your demands.

Get started by visiting with our heating and cooling staff the first chance you get at 519-296-4437. We’ll help you find the best heater for your garage or shop.

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4 Perks of Maintaining Your Garage Heat

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Heating your workshop during cold conditions produces an array of benefits, including:
  1. Keeps your vehicle warm during frigid weather.
  2. Helps heat up challenging rooms, like second-floor bonus areas or bedrooms above your shop.
  3. Provides a relaxing area for creating.
  4. Adds a climate-controlled space for children.

Maximize Your Workshop with a Garage Heater

Installing a combustion heater lets you develop hobbies every month or appreciate a heated change from home to car on cold mornings.

Give us a ring at 519-296-4437 at your earliest convenience and give yourself some additional space that can be used every month of the year.

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